Fruits roots Five Fruits juicy cleansing oil 100ml

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Fruits roots Juicy cleansing oil 100ml

Natural cleansing oil that is surfactant-free, using emulsifier based on rice bran oil rich which is rich in oleic acid. Fit to the skin, and has excellent treatment effect. Frequent daily cleansing does not remove excess moisture from the skin but improves your skin quality.

5 Fruits Line - rose and geranium with 5 fruits (grape, strawberry, lemon, apple and peach)


Rice oil, squalane ,macadamia nut oil ,rice bran oil,sunflower seed oil, damask rose oil, geranium oil, apple juice, peach juice, strawberry juice, grape extract, lemon peel oil

Suitable for all skin types.

*If you have any discomfort or skin abnormal reaction, please stop using the product.