Fruits roots Real Organic gentle cleansing foam 150ml

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Fruits roots Gentle cleansing foam 150ml

Fluffy and gentle foam removes dirt deeply within the skin and excess sebum. Refreshing juicy scent spreads out while using it to keep your skin and mood healthy.


Real Organic Line – Apple and peach

Water,Potassium Olivate K,Cocoate,Prunus Persica (Peach) Juice,apple extract,sunflower oil,fermented rice extract

Suitable for sensitive skin.


(1) Do not use if you have irritation on skin such as wound and rash.
(2) Please stop using if irritation such as swelling, itching and irritation occurs.
(3) In case of contact with eyes or oral mucosa, rinse with warm water immediately.
(4) Keep out of reach of children.
(5) Not edible as foods or beverages.
(6) In some cases, unique cosmetics cannot be removed.