Fruits roots Five Fruits juicy spa drops 150ml

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Fruits roots Juicy spa drops 150ml

Using five fresh fruit extracts pesticide-free and botanical hyaluronic acid to fulfil your skin's dryness. Damask rose & geranium keep your skin looking healthy and fill your heart with rich firmness and moisture.

5 Fruits Line - rose and geranium with 5 fruits (grape, strawberry, lemon, apple and peach)




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Suitable for all skin types.


**Due to the effects of climate changes such as global warming, the composition of roses and any other plants may become unstable, which will produce acidic (sour) smell, and also the liquid may become cloudy. Please be assured that this will not affect your skin condition after using the products. Since it is natural living makeup water, it is easily affected by changes in temperature; also while using it, there might be changes in smell and colour. Same theory like wine; the colour and smell will change by year but it is still safe to drink. This product implies the same.