Fruits roots Romantic bath salt 200ml

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Fruits roots Romantic bath salt 200ml

A medley of soothing mineral-rich sea salts from Sakaide, Kagawa Prefecture, blended with selected grown fruits and herbs. The mineral content prevents body temperature to lower down due to perspiration, keeps the body in a warm state and also improves metabolism.

Furthermore, the mineral composition contained in the bath salts remove dirt on the surface of the skin, enhance the soothing effects, softens the skin, and helps to balance the hydration of skin after a warm bath.
The water inside the body will lose water slowly due to change in osmotic pressure caused the skin to be less elastic; it is recommended to use this bath salt to enjoy your half body-bathing.

Made up with combinations of organic fruits and herbs, it is lavishly scented and coloured, make it a perfect bath salt for a gift.

Romantic Line - Raspberry and Rose

Soap base,Potassium Olivate,glycerin,shea butter,Montmorillonite,Adonis Palaestina Flower Extract,Hypericum perforatum extract,sunflower oil,strawberry extract,damask rose oil, geranium oilGardenia Florida Fruit Extract