Pure Akamoku Powder 28g

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Akamoku sourced from Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean, is superfood in type of powder that contains nutrient component and condensed of flavour which promotes the burning of fat. It can be consumed around 1g per day by mixing in various dishes such as miso soup, omelettes and smoothies.


Akamoku is a seaweed belongs to brown algae type (Fucales Sargassacseaee Family) same as Wakame seaweed, kelp etc. Depends on the area, it is called as “Gibasa” (Akita), “Ginbasou” (Yamagata) and “Nagamo” (Niigata).

【Nutritional Characteristic】

Contains rich nutrients such as Polyphenols, minerals, Omega 3, Vitamin K, Proteoglycan, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, including Fucoidan (enhancing immune system) and Fucoxanthin (fat burning, diabetes prevention). In recent years, it became very popular as a super food.

【How to consume】

Add to various dishes such as miso soup, omelettes and smoothies.

【Estimated intake per day】

・Around 0.3g per day if allergy to pollen, and 1g per day for diet purpose. 90% of raw “akamoku” is liquid, which will be around 1/10~12 in it dried. Components of “akamoku”, that worthy to mention are Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin. Fucoxanthin is said to be an epoch-making ingredient which has very strong fat burning power and it becomes a popular ingredient recently for metabolism improvement and diet. It is also reported to have anti-aging effect such as diabetes precaution and skincare. Natural “akamoku” contains top-class Fucoxanthin, which is said to be more than six times of a kelp. Fucoidan has been used to cure arteriosclerosis, diabetes/hypertension and constipation by enhancing the immunization, anti-cancer effect, anti-Helicobacter pylori effect, anti-allergy effect, reducing cholesterol and stabilizing the glucose level and blood pressure. Besides, it is rich in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Iron; Polyphenols, Vitamin K; including Omega 3, Proteoglycan which is very effective at preventing osteoporosis, said to be 5 times more than Vitamin C, Beta Carotene and Wakame seaweed. Even though the components of “akamoku” is dried and powdered using heat, there is almost no changes on the components itself. Especially, season’s “akamoku” contains more than 3 times of its components.

【Akamoku good to environment】

Akamoku's seaweed bed (seaweed forest with lots of seaweeds) absorbs nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus that cause red tide. In other words, before red tide plankton eats the nutrition and grows, it works to hinder the growth and clean the seawater. With 1 square kilometre of “akamoku”, it is equal to nitrogen removal rate of about 50,000 sewage treatment plants. In addition, since bed of “akamoku” makes the flow of sea water become calm, it helps to drop the suspended substances to the bottom of the ocean. It also helps to stabilize the water’s temperature by making shield from direct sunlight and create an optimum environment for fish to lay eggs, take foods and live. It can be said that “akamoku” is very useful to preserve a good fishing ground.