Pure Bee Pollen Powder 28g

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Bee pollen produced by worker honeybees from pallet of field-gathered flower pollen. It is powder type that makes the grain easy to be consumed.

【Bee Pollen】

When worker honeybees visit the flower to collect honey, they also collect flower pollen. Some flower pollen is for pollination, the balance are mixed with honey, then will be put into a small bag attached to the hind legs to be their food. This is what we called bee pollen. Bee pollen contains all nutrients that necessary for human body.

【Nutritional Characteristic】

Bee pollen is a source of high-quality vitamin B12 in plant. It contains protein and amino acids, rich with vitamin B group, rutin, folic acid, and has human growth hormone along with other vitamins and minerals. There are also essential fatty acids. It has been recognized as a supplementary source of stamina and energy for a long time and evaluated by athletes from various countries.

【How to consume】

 Consume bee pollen as it is, or mixed with drinks such as honey, smoothies, etc; served with cereal such as cornflakes, eat it with vegetable salad or any favourite way.

【Estimated intake per day】

1 teaspoon for 1 day. 1 teaspoon of flower pollen usually contains about 1,200 grains and each grain consists of 2,000,000 fine particles. In each fine particle contains 22 kinds of amino acids that required for perfect health.

【How bee pollen works】

It is a nutritional supplement that can not be replaced by anything for elderly, exhausted and sick people. Bee pollen has been used to fight against prostatitis kidney failure, anorexia, chronic fatigue, tumour and etc. Vegetarian obtains the essential nutrients that cannot be ingested by vegetable from bee pollen. In contrast with the flower pollen which carried away by wind, bee pollen is helpful for pollen allergy. Bee pollen is very useful for the entire of human body. It has antibiotic effect, protect body cell from malignant cell and strengthens healing power. And it helps to resist allergies, supress high blood pressure, strengthen weak blood capillary and create the normal blood flow.