Soh-cha Green tea soap 100g

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Soh-cha Green Tea Soap.

Soh-cha soap is a rich, natural and extremely gentle facial soap made with fresh green tea leaves from Shizuoka. Green tea is rich in natural nutrients including cathechin, vitamin C and saponin which nourish and cleanse your skin in a totally natural way. Natural plant products work in harmony with collagen and hyaluronic acid to enhance your skin’s own self-nourishing abilities. Using 100% natural oil, this gentle, preservatives-free soap wraps your skin in a rich, cleansing milky foam that is excellent for make-up removal and simplifies what is normally two-step process. You will love its refreshing and gentle scent.



Soap base, silica, alumina, silicate ceramics, camellia sinensis leaf powder, scutellaria baicalensis extract, cucumber juice, aloe barbadensis(aloe vera) leaf extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizate , squalane, mulberry root extract, job’s tears extract, sodium hyaluronate , hydrolyzed collagen (fish), hydrogenated lecithin, lysolecithin, glycerin rice bran, sphingoglycolipid, hydrolyzed silk, honey, caramel, perfume, seaweed extract, water, PEG-150, butylene glycol, alcohol, cholorophylin-copper complex.